Are You Buying Counterfeit Fire-Rated Glass?

If you’re in the market to buy, source or supply Fire-rated glass on construction projects then listen up – it’s time to be extra vigilant with your glazing manufacturers and suppliers.

The Northern Ireland Adverse Incident Centre recently discovered that counterfeit fire rated glass was installed at a local hospital and further research has uncovered the same issue in more public facilities. The case is going to court as the non-fire-rated glass was stamped and certified as authentic.

Obviously this is a frightening tale, ultimately putting people’s lives at risk presumably to cut costs but genuine customers and specifiers need to make sure they are not duped into buying an inferior product that’s not fit-for-purpose.

Actions to Take

One way that this can be achieved is by specifying and using the Pilkington range of fire-resistant glass. There are two aspects of Pilkington’s approach that will give you confidence in knowing you are buying a genuine product.

Firstly the company puts a CE mark on all ranges, indicating they meet the required test standards e.g. EN14449, EN12150-2 and EN572-9.

Secondly the company only works with accredited and authorised partners. To be a partner Diamond Glass has undergone extensive training, quality assessment and up-skilling over time and this process guarantees customers quality, proven products. We are regularly audited and have maintained this partnership over the years without interruption.

It makes no sense to take any risks when it comes to fire-rated glass, especially when we know there are counterfeit products out there. So why not have total peace of mind and call us now to discuss your requirements?

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