Gem Joinery

Date: December 2013

Project: Major project on London School of Economics (LSE)

Products Supplied: A variety of external Curtain Walling & Facades.



Gem Joinery operates in Ireland and the UK and the business specialises in architectural joinery, with a product range that includes bespoke joinery, curtain walling, fire door sets and soft furnishings. Vincent Fay, M.D. of Gem Joinery has had a long-standing business relationship with Conor Walsh of Diamond Glass and when Gem secured the LSE project a few years ago, Vincent was confident that Diamond Glass would deliver successfully on the requirements. “I knew the level of experience that Conor brought to the table and it was always going to be a challenging project so I was glad to have Diamond Glass on board.”

Technical Expertise

The LSE project involved the construction of a new Students’ Centre and the structure itself is now an inspirational building, situated in the campus in the heart of Westminster. Gem Joinery won the contract to design and install the complete facade and entrance canopy and the company appointed Diamond Glass to manufacture the glass units required. Vincent describes the complexity of the project “There was 700 sq. meters of external glass and numerous glass types – maybe even 12 different glass products. On top of that there were considerable technical challenges in meeting the specification supplied and Diamond Glass had to use all their expertise and experience to liaise with all parties, develop a workable solution and then to manufacture a high quality product.”

While some units were fitted in Ireland, others were shipped directly and fitted on-site at the LSE. Both Gem and Diamond Glass were obviously keen to see the outcome of the performance testing undertaken once all units were fitted in the building. In addition to the architectural aspects of the glass required, heating and ventilation were key considerations. “Solar shading, heat gain and safety standard testing were all critical performance factors on this job and Diamond Glass were right up-to-speed on these considerations. I remember one particular glass that had a requirement for 52 dB sound reduction which is very significant but also needed to handle a 1.5 kilo newton walk-on load. It was a huge challenge to get a product that could perform on both fronts and meet the safety requirements as well but Diamond managed to produce glazing that did the job and passed all the subsequent on-site tests – that was pretty impressive.”


Customer Service Focus

Vincent has found Diamond Glass to be extremely pro-active and clear in their communications with his team “No project goes exactly to plan as there are so many elements you can’t control but for me Diamond Glass has shown themselves to be a superior supplier and what I like in particular is the fact that they talk things through with us and look for solutions to solve problems – that’s what you need on a major project.”

The two companies expect to work together again in the future and look forward to further success in the years to come.

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