Anti Attack Glass

Anti-attack Glass

Anti attack glass is used where there is a threat of intrusion but where bullet-proof glass is not a requirement. It is meant to offer protection against the use of typically heavy and blunt instruments such as sledgehammers, bricks etc. Typically it is used in public buildings where security may be a real concern, such as medical facilities, banks, airports and similar environments. It is designed to protect the building and the people and property in it.

Technically this glass laminated and it is comprised of a series of glass sheets bonded, sealed and layered into one robust product designed to frustrate the efforts of criminals to attack the facility or the personnel in it.

Additional protection can be secured by integrating polycarbonate composites into the product through the manufacturing process which makes it less heavy but more resistant to attack. The purpose of Anti-attack glass is to stall the criminal in his/her tracks, giving security personnel time to intervene and secure the area.

Anti-attack glass is manufactured to order, in line with EU standards and best practice in the industry and the strength required can be agreed in liaison with Diamond Glass as we have extensive experience in working with customers to finalise appropriate specifications. sufficient delay is created to allow the authorities to arrive at the scene of the incident. Depending on the level of perceived threat, the product can be custom specified to increase or decrease the level of security provided.

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