Architectural Glass

Architectural GlassArchitectural Glass is a core product for Diamond Glass and glazing products evolve technologically to be functional, decorative and structural, we have grown our capacity to manufacture glass to meet these complex needs.

On all major construction projects in the built environment, architectural glass plays a variety of key roles – as a barrier from weather, partitioning space, securing floor levels and more. New fabrication processes and CNC technology have ensured that the applications of architectural glass now far exceed early limitations. If you’re in the developed world, whether you’re in a shopping centre, airport, hotel or hospital, it’s impossible not to be impressed by the sheer scale of architectural glass installations.

In the past architectural glass barriers were fabricated with single sheets of toughened glazing however these days multi-ply laminates are hugely popular as they offer a more robust end-product and have many applications.

Toughened laminated glass is combines toughened glass panes using inter-layers and these can be handled in a variety of ways e.g. drilled, polished and notched to order. Diamond Glass has invested in the equipment and the training needed to manufacture architectural glass to the highest quality standards.

Corporate branding, messaging and other visible assets can be integrated into the end product. However safety is the key concern and Toughened laminated glass is made so that if the load bearing unit fails, the other glass panes continue to work as planned. Also your panes can be heat soak tested if required in advance of final fabrication. Diamond Glass architectural glass has many applications and these include
balustrades, entrance halls, overhead canopies and interior and exterior lifts.

Diamond Glass offers proven, robust glazing products that can also be developed as visual enhancements. If you want to have complete confidence in your Architectural Glass supplier, why not talk directly with Diamond Glass, the experts who manufacture these products to order – day-in-day-out.

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