Ballistic Glass

Ballistic GlassThis glazing is manufactured to protect people and property against bullets fired in a criminal attack. Ballistic Glass is manufactured to order and the specification in terms of the strength of the glazing will vary according to the perceived risk and the planned application.

There is a very thorough testing process which assesses the strength of the manufactured glass and Diamond Glass specializes in manufacturing processes that meet these stringent requirements.

Ballistic glass is designed to have a dual function – first-up it absorbs the energy of the fired bullet by forcing it to pass through multiple layers of robust materials and secondly it effectively traps the bullet within the unit, preventing it from causing injury or damage.

It’s manufactured with many layers of glass, bonded with inter-layers during lamination. If there is a need for thinner or less heavy glazing, this can be achieved by replacing some layers with polycarbonate materials, which offers the same level of protection but without the weight and depth of standard ballistic glass.

Diamond Glass has its ballistic glass tested & certified by independent expert test houses and this offers our customers a level of confidence that they are dealing with proven suppliers. We comply with the highest industry standards and are products are available in Spall and No Spall varieties. No Spall means that splinters do not release on the non-attack side of the glass.


If you discuss the environment you are working with and the outline specification with us, we can advise you on the best approach and help finalise your requirements. Call our technical experts to learn more.

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