Blast Resistant Glass

Blast Resistant GlassWhere an explosion happens, the most dangerous aspect of the event is the falling glass and materials that can cause serious or even fatal injury to people in the vicinity and can also cause significant damage to the building and its contents.

So a key function of Blast Resistant glass is to limit the damage and offer protection from the hazardous fall-out from the blast of an explosion. There are two key elements in creating this protective barrier – first of all the glass is laminated and manufactured to be blast resistant and secondly the frame it is installed into has to be certified to an appropriate standard.

Facilities where ballistic glazing is often required include high-risk properties such as prisons, airports, government buildings etc. The right glass will not only protect the staff and public at the scene of an explosion but it can also offer important protection for the integrity of the building itself.

The combination of the certified framing with the blast resistant glass is developed to absorb shockwaves as well reducing the scope for injury from flying materials although it is vital that the units are sealed an effective installation system – in practice the building itself needs to be able to absorb the energy of the blast and the glass units have to be flexible to help facilitate this. Otherwise the blast may penetrate through to the interior of the premises.

Diamond Glass are expert manufacturers in this field and once your façade system is certified, we can help you specify and install the right level of protection for the assessed risk. Contact Diamond Glass for more information.