Fire Glass

Fire GlassWhen it comes to fire rated glass, the name Pilkington is synonymous with the very highest quality products in the marketplace and Diamond Glass has been through a rigorous process of assessment, investment and up-skilling of the team to achieve and maintain the status of approved partner with Pilkington.

It goes without saying that you can’t afford to take any risk with fire glass and now that counterfeit products have not only been found in the marketplace but were uncovered in an investigation into an incident, see it’s more important than ever to use a trusted supplier.

Diamond Glass was chosen because of our high quality manufacturing processes and our commitment to producing an excellent product. When it comes to fire rated glass, we have invested in technology and skills to achieve production processes that we believe are second-to-none in Ireland. These systems are supported by the many years of R&D by Pilkington.

The key element of our fire rated glass is an integral, proven resistance to fire and it can deliver two functions – one as physical protection against flames and smoke and the other as a control mechanism for heat transfer through conduction, radiation and convection. Diamond Glass fire rated glass can be installed with other products to deliver multiple functions e.g. energy efficiency (low-emissivity, solar control and/or gain), security measures, added aesthetic value e.g. with decorative effects through sand blasting, and integral blinds within fire-rated units – these are often useful in medical environments where the control of infection is critical and blinds can be hazardous in terms of the spread of infection.

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