Spandrel Panels

Spandrel panels are painted glass panels for use in curtain wall projects. They are used to either match the non-vision panels to the tinted vision areas of glazing or to provide a contrast to the vision area glazing.

The panels are available to match the whole range of visual effects created by the use of tinted or reflective glasses, and can be supplied with or without insulation, and in single glazing as well as Insulating Glass Unit form.

The paint coating is normally applied to face 2 or 4 if insulated double glazed unit. The glass must always be toughened or heat strengthened to avoid thermal build-up and cracking.

Diamond Glass can supply paint all over or just fritted edge depending on the architectural requirements and we will be pleased to assist you in any way we can in selecting the optimal product for use in your spandrel design.

We can also supply fused ceramic paint and frit for structural bonding projects.
Ceramic enamel frits contain finely ground glass mixed with inorganic pigments.
The coated glass is then heated to about 690 degrees C, fusing the frit to the glass surface, which produces a ceramic coating almost as hard and tough as the glass itself. A fired ceramic frit is durable and resists scratching, chipping, peeling, fading and chemical attacks and is approved by structural silicon manufactures for bonding to glass.

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  • Total concealment of internal structure or services.
  • Provide uniformity of curtain walling appearance.
  • Free from discolouration by internal condensation¬†or deposit of volatiles.
  • No colour fading.
  • Insulated panels can be provided.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Available toughened to EN 12150: EN 12600
  • Impact Classification 1.
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Minimal maintenance.

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