Walk-on Glass

Walk-on GlassNew technology in the manufacture of glazing units has opened up a whole new world of possibilities in terms of installing glass features with a functional purpose and innovative designs that can really deliver on the “wow factor”. Glass floors or Walk-on Glass have a high visual impact and can also be used to create light in dark spaces. Clever lighting with glass floors can add a superb atmosphere to what might be an ordinary space – it can also make an extraordinary facility shine!

In the past glass was limited in function by its own integral properties however glass lamination technology has changed all of that and the strength and robustness of the glazing products that can be manufactured now has given rise to a whole host of opportunities for architects and project managers to introduce walk-on glass into new projects as a key visual and functional component of a building. Often used in the hospitality sector, walk-on glass is now featuring in a whole variety of facilities including medical buildings, offices and retail projects. With the variety of colours and texture choices ever-expanding, walk-on glass can significantly enhance any environment.

There are many applications and these include stairs, passageways, walkways etc and often lighting solutions will optimise the impact .
With the built-environment becoming more densely populated, there is a growing trend towards converting basements and underground spaces and walk-on glass can deliver light into the darkest corners of a building. Glass flooring panels are sold in a number of certified anti-slip patterns to guarantee safety, even when wet.

From a structural perspective obviously it’s essential that the glass floor panels are made to the right spec. given the load applied to them and the correct support structures are vital. Our technical team can advise you on the best approach.

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