Client Name: Mealey Architectural Facades

Projects: Multiple Commercial Projects including Alexandra College Dublin, St. Luke’s
Hospital Kilkenny and many other small and large-scale installations.

Products Supplied: A variety of sealed Double Glazed units, also units with integrated blinds and toughened laminated architectural glass.


Diamond Glass has been supplying commercial double glazing products to Mealey Architectural Facades since 2010. Mealey Architectural Facades is a long-established and highly regarded construction company in Leinster and the business works in many sectors – DG has produced glazing for Mealey Architectural Facades for projects in the Commercial, Education, Industrial and Health Sectors.

The teams in both organisations work closely together, one of Mealey Architectural Facades Quantity Surveyors says “We worked with other glazing suppliers but at the end of the day you know what you are going to get with Diamond Glass – a quality service, proven product and a competitive price – which means it’s one less thing to worry about delivering a project.”

Great Customer Service & Technical Know-How

Mealey Architectural Facades identifies the strong ethos on customer service, backed by expert technical support, as a key benefit in dealing with the company. “DG has great customer service, there’s no doubt about that. From the first phone-call and spec. through to delivery on-site – in good time – we can see the commitment to getting things right. And it helps that the technical expertise is so strong, they are always up-to-speed on the technical specifications and safety requirements. The fact that they can add value in finalising the requirement, their lead times are short and that the ultimate product meets the agreed spec. is a big help when you’re under time pressure.”

Planning & Technology

Recently DG supplied Mealey Architectural Facades with glazing units for a large-scale project at St Luke’s Hospital in Kilkenny. The requirement was demanding from a fabrication perspective, “We needed about 280 double-glazed units in total which is a fairly significant requirement for one Irish supplier but we knew Diamond Glass had this level of capacity over the course of the project. On top of that, it was a reasonably complex job as the units required internal blinds and given the healthcare environment, the specifications were stringent. We had to do a lot of planning and had plenty of discussions with architects on the right attributes and controls that needed to be integrated into the units. When you’re working on that type of project, you really do need an expert supplier who has both the industry experience and the technology required to deliver the work – DG is good with advanced technological specifications.”

The two companies continue to work closely together on a successful roll-out of this project.

Competitive Pricing

Given the poor economic climate in Ireland and the pressure on the Construction industry in particular, one of the reasons that Mealey Architectural Facades has seen through the recession has been their ability to secure business with competitive pricing. “If you take it that a quality product is essential then a key deciding factor in bringing new work in is the pricing. We’ve been able to work closely with Diamond Glass to quote competitively on tenders and this has helped us to get business in the door – so it works for everyone. What’s important also is the fact that they stick with their word – we don’t get hit with unexpected extra costs because it’s all discussed at the outset.”

The two businesses hope to be working together long into the future “It’s great that things are picking up but like everyone in business, our reputation depends on delivering quality work – so having a supplier you can trust, like DG, is essential for us going forward.”