Global Home Improvements

Client Name: Global Home Improvements Ltd

Products Supplied: Variety of Sealed, Tripled Glazed units for the domestic market, across Ireland



Global Home Improvements is a family-run business and the team has been a leading supplier to the domestic market for over 33 years. The business specialises in windows & doors, flat roofing, roofline and attic insulation. It was the first company in Dublin to be awarded the official ‘Q’ Mark award by Excellence Ireland Quality Association (EIQA) and recently it was a finalist in the Q Mark Awards.

Diamond Glass has been a supplier to Global for over 12 years as the Directors of both companies had a working relationship in the industry for many years before DG was established in 2001. DG supplies all the sealed double and triple glazing units for the windows and doors installed by Global.

Quality Product with a Focus on Energy Efficiency

Barry Shevlin, MD of Global, outlines the importance of energy efficiency in domestic glazing “These days energy efficiency is a major talking point and with the prominence of Building Energy Ratings (BER) in Ireland on houses for sale or rent, domestic customers are keen to get the right solutions. It’s not just a question of the rating itself but the saving on energy bills can be significant. Customers want to get a quality product and they can see now that it adds value to their property too”.

DG supplies Global with superior sealed glazing, offering the highest quality products which are technologically innovative. They are designed and manufactured to deliver an excellent energy efficiency performance over the long-term. Barry says “Everything here is made-to-measure so it’s essential that the products manufactured by Diamond Glass meet the spec, exactly and meet or exceed regulatory requirements – we believe that their manufacturing processes represent best practice in the industry and that’s what we require for our own domestic customers.”

Fast Lead Times

One of the key issues in construction is the ability to meet customer deadlines and Barry is more than satisfied with the turnaround times at DG “When it comes to lead times, we haven’t found a supplier that’s more responsive – they really are excellent on this and we’ve found that orders can be turned around within 3 or 4 days; that gives us a lot of flexibility in terms of scheduling work as we know we can depend on delivery.”

10 Year Guarantee

One of the reasons why Barry has confidence in DG products is the fact that the company gives a 10 Year Guarantee on all products sold to Global. “In terms of glazed windows and doors, we operate on the high-end of the domestic market so quality really is important to us. The fact that DG is willing to stand over its products like this gives us confidence and we know that the performance and durability of their glazing is proven. In fact we offer our own customers a 15 year Guarantee and we’ve been in business long-enough to know that we can stand over that too – it’s important to all of us.”

Pricing is always a key element of the supplier-buyer relationship and the domestic market is highly competitive “We pay a reasonable price based on the quality of the products and as we work on the top-end of the market for glazed windows and doors, our customers expect that quality”.

The two businesses continue to work together to develop and deliver innovative energy-efficient doors and windows for homes across Ireland.